Exporting errors with Xero

In some cases you may encounter an error message when exporting invoices or purchases to Xero.

If an export error occurs, a dialog box will be shown similar to the following:

When this occurs, select the 'Open Log' button; This will provide you with an error log of the issue which can also be sent to the Support team if you are unable to establish the cause of the error.

The error log will include the error message received from Xero at the very top of the screen. For the most part, the issues are easy to resolve and you'll be able to refer to the related error message below to establish the cause.

As underlined in the example above, the error message related to your issue will be located at the top of the log. Please check this and refer to the list below to find the cause of the error. If the error message does not appear in the list below, please contact Briefcase support. Note that when you first press the 'Open Log' button, a file will have also been saved on your desktop called 'export.log'. Please provide this to the support staff member when logging your issue.

Common Errors

Input String was not in a correct format

This error will generally occur if one of your line items is missing information (Such as the Unit Price, Quantity) or if your Quantity has not been set correctly. (E.g. Quantity is set to 0).

Error: Invoice not of valid status for modification

This error is caused when an invoice being exported has already been exported to Xero, and is marked as void, paid or part paid, or has another unmodifiable status. To resolve this issue, locate the invoice in Xero and manually update the invoice on Xero.

Error: This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it

This error message will occur when you are attempting to export an invoice that has already been exported to Xero, and is marked as paid or paid in part within Xero. Xero will not allow invoices that have been marked as paid or part paid to be updated or amended.

To resolve this problem, first confirm that the invoice is in Xero. Now, in Briefcase remove the conflicting invoice from the export, and change its status to exported to reflect its status within Xero.

Error: The Total for this document must be greater than or equal to zero.

This error is the result of an invoice total calculating to zero or less. Xero requires a positive value for totals. To resolve this issue, the invoice must include items resolving to a positive value. Credit notes may be entered into Xero directly.

Error: The description field is mandatory for each line item.

This error is the result of an invoice line item having an empty description. Xero requires the description to be filled. To resolve this problem, ensure all line items for an invoice have filled descriptions.
Note, description fields are automatically populated when a line item is created as set out in the Rates Matrix. However, they can also be edited manually per line item.

The contact name is already assigned to another contact. The contact name must be unique across all active contacts.

This error can occur if a company or supplier is attempting to sync to Xero from Briefcase, however Xero already has a contact with the same or very similar name, either inactive or active. If the company is active in Xero, you should be able to fix this by matching the company name in Briefcase to the one in Xero. If the company in Xero is listed as inactive, you should re-activate the company.


If you continue to have problems with exporting invoices to Xero, or encounter errors other than those above, please contact Briefcase support.

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