How to use Job Folders

You can use the Job Folder area in Briefcase to link to a URL or folder on your computer or network.

You can easily add in a website by either typing or pasting in a URL. This allows you to link to any website, a great use for this area is linking to a file-sharing service such as DropBox to quickly provide access to files hosted on the cloud. Clicking the Job Folder link will launch the related URL in your web browser.

Alternatively, If you haven't entered anything into the Job Folder field, you can press the 'Job Folder' link which will bring up your file explorer. Once you've located the folder you would like to link, simply select it and this will add the file path for you. Clicking the job folder link will now launch the folder you have selected.

Aside from the job, any team members will also be able to access the Job Folder link via the Job Detail screen on their dashboard.

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