How to add Job Assets

Assets can be added into Briefcase via the Jobs screen. The majority of our clients use the assets tab to display vital information on the job such as client briefs and the final versions of any related designs. This can be greatly beneficial when reviewing past projects, or for your designers to have quick access to assets they require.

In order to add an asset, Navigate to the related job and select the assets tab. You can either drag and drop files on the right panel, or alternatively, press the add icon to bring up your file explorer. Once you have selected the asset, It will upload the file and add it to the job. Other Briefcase users will be able to download the file, and can also leave comments on the preview panel on the right-hand side. You can delete assets by pressing the delete icon to the right of the filename.

Aside from the job, any team members will also be able to the view assets via the Job Detail screen on their dashboard.

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