Setting up Multi-Currency

In order to set up multi-currency in Briefcase, you'll need to go to the Settings area and navigate to the Accounting tab. Under the foreign currency section, select an empty row and choose the currency you would like to apply. The date field shows when you created the currency and can also be updated to reflect any dates where the exchange rate has been updated. We recommend periodically reviewing and updating the exchange rate. Under the column named after your home currency, you can enter the exchange rate you would like to apply.

Once complete, navigate back to the client so you can set the currency that you've created. It's important to remember that your accounting system may also require changes to subscribe a client to a different currency. If you are unsure on how to do this, please refer to your accounting systems help desk.  

Everything you do within Briefcase will always be done based on your home currency. Any client based templates, such as the Estimate or Invoice, will always display pricing based on the clients' selected currency.

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