Reporting in Briefcase

Briefcase has many reports designed to help you understand the information that you and the team are entering into Briefcase. Settings specific criteria around these reports allows you to go in depth and find information specific to your needs.

Selecting the report on the left panel will show you the relevant criteria options on the right hand side.

The fields you can set are as follows:

Report Title Briefcase will automatically enter in the name of the report you have selected, however if you would like to rename the printed report (e.g. Job Summary Last Quarter) you can do so by entering in the title in this field.
Period /
Date Range*
This area allows you to pick from a specific period (e.g. This year) or alternatively enter the dates you would like to report on.

Note that to the left of the Date Range fields, Briefcase will define what you are searching. For example, when running the Job Accruals report briefcase is searching for the 'Date Entered' of the job.
Team This field allows you to define which team within Briefcase the report should focus on.
User This field allows you select which user the report should be based on. For reports around jobs and estimates, this field is used to define the Account Manager or Author. For time-based reports however, it is is used to define the resource.
Company This field allows you to select the client, or supplier, based on the report that is being run.
Job No. Entering a job number in this field will mean that any report that is run will show data related to the job number entered.
Status This field allows you to select the status of the report you are reviewing. It's important to note that for Time based reporting, two checkboxes will allow you to define whether time is scheduled or committed.
Kind Setting this field allows you to base reporting around a jobs 'Kind' field. Please note that this field doesn't apply to all forms of reports and will not appear unless required.
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