How to add a user

In order to add a new user within Briefcase you'll need to navigate to the 'Users' tab under 'Settings' in Briefcase. To create a new user select the 'New User' button on the right hand side.

It's important when adding users to ensure that you have considered what access privileges the user will need. You can learn more about this by reviewing the 'Creating/Editing User Groups' article in the knowledgebase.

Full Name Enter in the users full name
Position Enter in the position/role of the user
Primary Team Select the team that this user will be most involved with. This will be the default team used should the user create a job in Briefcase.
Username The users email address. This field is non-modifiable. Should you need to change the username please contact our support team.
Group The access privilege group to which the user belongs. This field is non-modifiable. Should you need to change the group please contact our support team.

Once you've filled entered in the users details, press the 'Create User' button to add the account. This will email the user with the details needed to join the account and also a link to install Briefcase.

The email will include the following:

Account ID: The ID for your Briefcase account
Username: The users email address
Password: Randomly generated password

You can also access the Install page using the following link: Install Briefcase

Once the email has been sent and the account has been created, You will be directed to the Editing view of the user account - This is where you'll be able to set what rates the user has access to and also set the work hours for the user. For more information on this screen you can review the 'Editing users in Briefcase' article.

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