Exporting Purchases to MYOB

In order to export Purchases to MYOB from Briefcase you should ensure that the client name used in Briefcase is setup as a supplier in MYOB and also that the name between Briefcase and MYOB is the same.

You should also ensure that you have integrated Briefcase with MYOB, for more information regarding this review the MYOB integration article.

To batch export purchases from Briefcase to your version of MYOB you can go to the 'purchases' tab. You can then use the filter menu to filter by 'On Order' or 'Received' status purchases. You can also sort/group purchases to filter out the ones you do not want to export. Once you're ready, press the 'Click here to export * purchases link.

If you would prefer to only export out individual purchases, you can do this by viewing the purchase you would like to export, press the action menu and selecting option 'Export to MYOB'.

Once this is done you'll need to open your MYOB application and navigate to the File Menu. Select Import Data > Purchases > Service Purchases in the menu. Once the Import File dialog appears you will need to ensure that the following options are set:

Import File Format: Tab-delimited
First Record is: Data Record
Duplicate Records: Reject Them
Identify Contact By: Co/Last Name

Once you've opened the file, the Import Data dialog will appear. Press the match all button and then select Import. On the 'Import Service Purchases' pop-up ensure that no records have been skipped, if they have please review the import log and review the Exporting errors in MYOB article on our knowledgebase. If your records have been imported, press the Ok button and the import is complete.

We always recommend cross-checking both the MYOB and Briefcase version of the purchase to ensure data has carried across correctly. Should you have any issues with this process, please contact our support team.

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