Briefcase Tenant v6.8.0-beta

Bug Fixes

  • New master / sub job feature
  • Add search filter indicator when records are deleted
  • Add search filter indicator when records are omitted
  • Removed scroll elasticity from OS X
  • Fixed bug where no unit price is stored in manually generated tasks
  • Display line item approval only once estimate is approved
  • Removed editing of job, estimate, purchase and invoice numbers
  • Add category to task title
  • Fixed issue where selecting time does not select task for creation on calendars
  • Fixed progress indicator updating when time is deleted on dashboard and task view
  • Fixed go to related line items displaying first record
  • Fixed create tasks action failing to create job summary records on line items not yet approved
  • New job activity dialog
  • Calculate markup if unspecified in estimate line items and retain sale amount
  • Add change team feature in job detail
  • Auto add current user to new team in settings
  • Display only active teams in users team selection and portal
  • Login error overlaps subscription box
  • Removed automatic inclusion of job number in plan header (serves no purpose)
  • QuickBooks export fix move currency code to customer object in invoices and purchases
  • Fixed non admin access to reports
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