Proposals & Proposal Summaries

Proposal and Proposal Summaries can be used to compile multiple estimates that exist under the same job or master-job. These can be used to split your estimate into different stages or phases, and can also be used for clients that prefer simplified quotes.

In this example, you'll see that the current job contains three separate estimates: Branding Design, Website Updates and Stationary Design.

Clicking into an estimate, you'll notice that the title has been used to name the stage or phase, and the estimate scope details what will be undertaken as part of this. Once you've created all of the estimates required, click into any of the estimates and press the preview icon.

You'll notice on the proposal template that the first page details the title, scope and specifications (if entered) for the first estimate created. All relevant line items and the subtotals are shown. Directly below the first subtotal, you will see the information for the Website Updates estimate. The proposal template combines all three estimates into one in the order in which they were created. This allows your client to review the totals specific to each estimate and sign off on the required phases or stages.

Alternatively, you can also select the Proposal Summary template. As you'll see, this simplifies the estimates down to the title, scope and specifications if entered. The major difference between the Proposal and the Proposal Summary is that the subtotals are all combined on the summary. This allows your client to understand what is involved in each phase or stage and sign off on all estimates.

It is important to note that when sending a proposal, the estimate number is not displayed for each phase or stage. Instead, the client would be approving the proposal based on the job number.

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