Briefcase Tenant v6.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • New task team view
  • Add calendar reload
  • Add summary refresh button to jobs
  • Add WIP without tasks template
  • Add weekly time by resource report
  • Add sales vs costs by manager report
  • Fix typo on reopened comment
  • Fix missing script on user rate table error
  • Fix date start on reports error for future dates
  • Fix schedule not updating on task dependancy
  • Removed locking records at job level
  • Log new record when duplicating
  • Add layout editing to non subscribers
  • Reload gantt on windows column edit
  • Allow open recent method to register MBS and prepare window
  • Add filter task by date feature
  • Fix reporting date for job summary
  • Removed default team selection in reports (Reports | Edit Period)
  • Fixed revenue report charts displaying time instead of subtotal
  • Fixed rate category reports using rate table to line item
  • Add invoice list via billby api
  • View invoice via billby api
  • Changed record totalling from record exit to commit
  • Removed totals on records with Declined or Cancelled status
  • Hide add button if the line item has been invoiced in whole or in part
  • Fixed totals not updating correctly when record is traversed or line item deleted
  • Add editing to approved dates on estimates and purchases
  • Add editing user on estimates purchases and invoices
  • Fixed grey header in find mode list view
  • Add search by reference number in list view of estimates purchases and invoices
  • Add editing of estimate, purchase, invoice, job and master job numbers
  • Fixed job title editing to update plan title for header task
  • Add change client feature
  • Fixed purchase status isApproved in import v5 script

Additional Fixes (21st March 2017)

  • Fixed price preview in signup view

Additional Fixes (20th March 2017)

  • Fixed invalid payment method loading in subscription tab
  • Fixed resource id issue on schedule calendar
  • Removed license invoices from trial
  • Fixed Schedule view current job filter
  • Fixed empty resource on task selection in time view dialog
  • Fixed tabbing in script of estimate and purchase
  • Password protect pdfs
  • Fixed sum totals and chance on sales pipeline report
  • Fixed Job team done adding empty task issue
  • Add totals to Sales vs Costs by Manager
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