Introduction to Resource View

If you are using the scheduling features in Briefcase you will already be well acquainted with the calendar view. This allows you to select a resource and add tasks to their calendar. We also have a Resources view which we’ve added to version 6.

To get to this make sure you’ve selected the tasks tab, and then press the Task icon on the right-hand side. The resources view allows you to see a list of resources vertically with a week's worth of their schedule horizontally. This enables you to get a quick overview on everyone's availability day by day as well as still allow you the ability to schedule tasks across multiple users.

You can filter the viewable resources by selecting the settings icon. Once the ‘Select Resources’ dialogue appears, Tick the resources you would like to view on the calendar and press done. You can change the week being viewed by pressing the navigation icons or jump to the current week by pressing the ‘today’ button.

As per the standard calendar view, you can select a task on the left-hand side, and click and drag to schedule the task for one of your resources. To jump back to the regular calendar view, you can select the calendar icon.

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