Basic template editing

In this video we’ll cover how to make basic changes to templates within Briefcase.

We recommend making changes to templates with a high degree of care – Note that once you close or preview the template it will save automatically and you will no longer be able to undo changes that you have made.

The first step is to preview the template you would like to edit. In this example I’ll be editing the estimate template.

Once you are previewing the template you would like to edit, select the ‘Edit Layout’ button. This will show you the different elements that make up your template. In order to modify an element simply select it. On the right of the template you’ll also notice that an inspector window is open. The inspector allows you to modify attributes related to the selected element.

Selecting the first icon will allow you to change the size and positioning of the selected element. Selecting the styles icon will allow you to see what styles are available for the template you are viewing, selecting these will apply the style to the element. The third icon contains areas such as the fill or background colour of the element, adding lines or borders, applying padding or modifying the text and paragraph styling.

Notably the majority of the changes that you’ll make to the element will be in this view.

Simply change the attributes that you require and then click out.

Once complete, press preview to see the changes you’ve made or close the template to save the changes.

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