Saving / Loading / Releasing Templates

You can use templates in Briefcase to help speed up different processes in Briefcase. Whether you are wanting to use templates to quickly generate Estimates, purchases or invoices or if you are wanting to use templates to generate tasks from estimates.

Note: In the example videos we have only shown how to save/load / release templates based on the estimate. You can apply these same methods to Purchases and Invoices.

Saving Templates

Navigate to the Estimate / Purchase / Invoice that you would like to save. In the detail tab, it’s important to ensure that the name of your Estimates / Purchase / Invoice is going to be memorable and explain what the template is about. When loading templates you’ll select the template based on this name.

To save the template you’ll need to go to the action menu and select the ‘Save Template’ option. At the prompt press done and you’ll be able to commence using the template you’ve saved.

We recommend creating a job where you store some standard templates you create - this helps to keep everything in the one area and also means that you have a reference point you can adjust down the track.

Loading Templates

In order to use an existing template, you’ll need to create a new Estimate, Purchase or Invoice. Once you’ve done so, use the action menu and select ‘Load Template’. This will bring up a dialog where you’re able to select the template you have saved. Note that the name of the template will be the same as the name of the Estimate, Purchase or Invoice you have saved.

Once you select it the template will be applied. It’s important to note that when loading information from templates all information is carried over - This even applies to discounts and rate tiers. It’s important to note that you should always check the rate tier to ensure it’s the same as the one applicable to your client.

Releasing Templates

When you no longer require a template you can release it. Note that once the template is released, it will no longer be able to used as a template until you re-save it. To release a template, navigate to it and then using the action menu select the ‘Release Template’ option.

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