Briefcase Tenant 6.13

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed asset file drop on dashboard and job views
  • Close popover dialog automatically when accounting api responds
  • Fix for bug when Dragging and droping assets
  • Company name not set on invoice client change
  • Scrolling job list dialog on pc does not work
  • New reports and report updates
  • Option for new accounts to signup local currency and use correct gateway
  • Billby related issues
  • Select supplier using dialog instead of dropdown menu
  • Save selected resources in task view
  • Pdf password protection optional
  • Cant add newline to email dialog
  • Leave master adds duplicates prefix on job number
  • Pasting line breaks missing on line items
  • Dashboard not loading on FileMaker 16
  • Currency symbol on documents
  • Additional rate tiers
  • Tasks display number beside selection
  • My current jobs filter does not work properly
  • Manual created tasks don't have a rate and don't have a unit price
  • Version 5 import script problem
  • Email dialog does not close
  • Email template for RFQ has inconsistent line breaks
  • New schedule is always active even if the job is not
  • Deleting job plan does not delete related time
  • New teams do not pickup email defaults

6.13.1 (19/10/17)

  • HTTPS links can now be opened using the Job Folder link
  • Ability to filter for Templates on Estimates, Purchases and Invoices
  • Various bug fixes

6.13.2 (30/11/17)

  • Change to the Time Summary report to include daily summaries
  • Change to the job summary so that non-approved actuals and costs would appear
  • Updated the styling for the completed tasks on the job list
  • Various bug fixes

Additional Fixes (06/12/17)

  • Various bug fixes
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