How to add your company logo into Briefcase

If you need to add your company logo on client faces templates it's as easy as following the below steps. Note: As you will require access to settings only Administrators are able to access this area.

Navigate to the settings area and select the team you are needing to add the logo against. Once you've selected the team, on the right-hand side you'll be able to see the existing logo. Simply click on the image, or drag the new logo onto this area to add it. You can add a PNG, JPG or PDF file into this area. To assist with creating the imagery we've included a photoshop template below which you can use to generate the image.

Once the logo has been added it will apply across all default templates. Note that if your template is customised the logo may have been manually entered onto your templates - You can either edit the existing template or contact our support team who will be able to assist.

Photoshop Template

To make updating your logo as easy as possible, we've uploaded a Photoshop template which you can use to quickly prepare your logo. The template includes guides to assist you with margin and also placement on the templates.

You can download the template using the link below:

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