Sending emails using Briefcase

In this video, we’ll be covering how to connect Briefcase to your email system. The first thing you’ll need to do when logging in is to navigate to My Account. You can access this by pressing the profile icon next to your name at the top of Briefcase and selecting the ‘My Account’ option.

In the My Account screen, you’ll want to scroll towards the bottom. There are two different ways briefcase can connect to your email systems: By interfacing with an email application or alternatively by connecting to email providers like Gmail and Office 365 directly. You can select this by pressing the Email Client field.

At the moment, Briefcase supports the following email clients: Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage and Lotus notes. If you use any of these, simply select it. This will mean that Briefcase will launch the selected email client whenever you are sending emails, like sending an estimate to a client for example.

If you select an email client you will notice that on the right of the 'My account' screen there is an area to add in your email Signature. Note that if you are using an email client as listed earlier, we are unable to include HTML signatures as email clients do not allow third party applications to include these. You can either put in a plain text email signature on the right or alternatively apply your default email signature directly in your email client.

If you are wanting to integrate to your email provider directly, You’ll need to select the ‘SMTP’ option in the email client drop down.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to access your SMTP settings. Your I.T provider may be able to supply you with the SMTP settings you require, alternatively if you don’t have access to your email provider you may be able to search online for the relevant SMTP settings. We have included some default SMTP settings for popular email providers at the bottom of the support article.

Once you’ve entered in your details select the ‘Test Connection’ button. If your details have been entered correctly you should receive a notification that the email test was successful. This will mean that we’re able to send mail on behalf of your email provider. If you receive an error stating that the SMTP configuration failed, you will need to ensure you’ve entered in the correct settings within Briefcase.

It’s important to note that for Gmail users there is an additional step required to ensure emails will be received. You will need to navigate to the My Account area and allow Gmail to send mail with ‘Less Secure Apps’. Please note that we encrypt your login details and that the term ‘Less Secure Apps’ refers solely to the method of connection – Other email applications such as Microsoft Outlook also require access to ‘less secure apps’ to interace with Gmail. We’ve included a link direct to this setting in the article below this video with. Simply Turn on access and you’ll be able to commence sending emails via Briefcase.

Once you’ve entered your SMTP details you’ll also be able to setup your email signature. You can choose to manually set up the email signature by typing in the details that you need and formatting the signature using our editor. Alternatively, you can also enter in an HTML signature if you’ve been provided one. Simply select the code editor icon and paste in the HTML signature.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting our support team.

SMTP Settings

In order to send email via SMTP you will need to get your email provider to supply you with the following details:

Email Enter in your email address
Reply-To Enter in the email address you would like people receiving your email to reply to
Server Enter in your email server (I.e.
Port Enter in the Port as provided by your email provider
Encryption Select the either TLS or SSL encryption based on your email provider
Auth Select the type of encryption you require
Username Enter in your username, typically this is the same as your email
Encryption Enter in your password

Please find below SMTP settings for popular email providers:


Port 465
Encryption SSL
Auth Plain Password


Port 995 or 587
Encryption SSL or TLS
Auth Plain Password

Opening up email access (Gmail users only)

In order to send emails on your behalf, you'll need to enter in the your Gmail SMTP settings.

For more information on this please click here.

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