Storing passwords/logins for your clients

Briefcase can store passwords such as FTP details or logins for content management systems directly on the client screen.

To access the passwords area simply navigate to the client whos' passwords you would like to view or add, navigate to the 'Website' tab to the right of the clients details and press the 'Settings' button towards the bottom of the screen.

Please note that this area may be password protected. If you would like to add or change the password, this can be done by going to the settings area in Briefcase and selecting your team.

You can then change or add a password in the password field. Please note that adding or removing a password can only be done by users with Administrator access privileges.

Note that anyone with this password will be able to access the site information for all clients. It is important to update your passwords regularly.

Once you have done this you'll be able to to access the site information. We store the logins for an Admin URL (Typically for CMS systems), Hosts (For FTP details) and a text area to store notes or additional logins.

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