Briefcase Basics

The Briefcase support pages contain a large number of helpful resources to assist you in making the most of Briefcase for your business. Here we have collated articles, guides, and video tutorials to help you get started.

If you have not yet installed and set up Briefcase, please read this guide first.

We recommend beginning with our Getting Started video above. This provides a broad overview of Briefcase. We then suggest going through the following tutorials covering the main features of the Briefcase system.

To add new users to Briefcase, follow this guide. Adding Users requires that you have sufficient licenses available. You can check the number of licenses you have by signing in to the My Account area of our website. If required, you can add licenses there also.

Where to next?

The Briefcase Knowledgebase provides a wealth of user guides, tutorials, support solutions, and troubleshooting guides. Search by keywords, or browse by category to find the relevant information. If you are unable to find answers to your questions here, you may wish to send the Briefcase Support team a support ticket.

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