Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the below set of Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up your day to day use of Briefcase.

command ⌘ + F This combination will allow you to quickly perform a search in any part of Briefcase. You can even do this while viewing a record to search for more thorough data related to that set.
command  + B When performing a search in a list view, use this keyboard combination to return to the browse view.
command  + P Use this keyboard shortcut to bring up the Print Dialog for the current item you're viewing.
command  + J Using this keyboard combination allows you to view all of the records in the selector. Ie. If you've performed a search in the list of Jobs, use this to return you to viewing all of the results that fall under Jobs.
command  + L Using this keyboard combination allows you to Lock and Unlock any record in Briefcase.
option/alt ⌥ Hold this key while deleting line items to stop the dialog box from appearing. This is handy when removing multiple line items.
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