Integrate your Google Calendar feed into Briefcase

Note: As Google has removed support for XML feeds, we are no longer able to display the Google Calendar within Briefcase. We apologise for the inconvenience and will hopefully address this in a future iteration of Briefcase.



Integrating your Google Calendar with Briefcase is convenient and easy! Doing so can help you understand how to best schedule your planned and active jobs around items from your Google Calendar.

There are a few steps you will need to go through in order to add in your Calendar feed.

  • In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select Calendar settings.
  • In the Private Address section, click the XML button.
  • Once you have clicked the XML button a pop-up window with your calendar's public URL will appear. Copy this URL as you will need to use this within Briefcase.
  • Once the URL is copied, open up Briefcase and navigate to the Dashboard
  • Once in the Dashboard select 'User Options' - It will appear next to your user icon and under your name, alternatively this can also be found on the settings page under 'Users & Groups'.
  • Towards the bottom of the Dialog, locate an empty field under 'Cal Feeds'. The first field will usually populate with the Public Holidays for the Country you initially selected. 
  • Paste the URL that you copied form the prior dialog, it should appear similar to the following:
  • Once you have done this, select the 'Done' button.
  • Select the Calendar Tab and choose either Week or Month view to be able to see your Active/Planned Jobs alongside your calendared items. 


In the image above you can see that half an hour worth of work is meant to be completed during a Follow up Task set on the calendar, You can also see that a job has been scheduled on your Annual Leave day. This tool can be a great way for team members to provide better input to the management and scheduling team to allow for better informed decisions regarding how work should be scheduled.

Note: This guide covers how to setup a Google Calendar XML feed within Briefcase, you can however use any calendar feed that has an XML output. The guide also references your Private Address - The Private Address in Google Calendar allows anyone that can see it to access your full calendar information. Please note however that Briefcase only reads what items you have scheduled in and puts them in your dashboard. Briefcase will not store any of your calendar items or details, besides the link to the calendar itself.

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