Contacts Overview

The Contacts Window contains the business details of all your company contacts, whether they are suppliers, clients, client/suppliers, prospects or other. Opening the contacts window allows to you to select and view either company details or the information relating to personal contacts within those companies. 

List View

List View displays a list of current found records. By default, List View shows a filtered list of company records.

Click All to display a list of all company records.

Sorting the Companies List

To sort the Companies List, click the appropriate column header. You can sort by company type, company name, city, state, postcode or country.

Filtering the Companies List

Click the Filter menu to filter the Companies List. Only records of the type you select will be displayed.

Finding a Company Record

The Find function makes it easy to search for a company in a database that may contain hundreds of entries.

To find a particular company record, click the Find button.

Key a search term into a blank field and press Enter. A list of matching records will be displayed.

Printing a company record

Click the Print Button . This will bring up the print dialogue where you can select an appropriate print layout from the pull down menu.

The Print function brings up a separate preview window with the chosen layout displayed. You can select either to print, or to save the information in Excel or PDF format to your computer.

See our articles for more information about editing or creating your own layouts.

Deleting a company record

To delete the current record, press the Delete button go to the top of the screen, click on the records tab and scroll down to delete record and select.

Creating a new company record

To create a new company record, click the New button. This action will take you to the new record in Detail View where you can enter the company’s details.

Locking a Company Record

To lock a record, go to the top of the screen and click on records. scroll down to lock record and select. Once locked, a record cannot be modified by other users without locking privileges.

Note: depending on your access privileges you may not have the option to use the Lock feature.

To view details of a company record

Click in the Company row to go to the Company record in Detail View.

Detail View

Detail view allows you to populate a new company record or edit an existing record.


When creating a new company record, you will be prompted to select the company type (Client, Prospect, Client/Supplier or other) from a drop
down list. Enter the company name beside the company type.

You can also record information like the company number, industry and group. These fields are customisable so you can use them for any type of information you wish to record. You can also edit the default menu options in these fields by clicking the Edit menu option and defining the list in the Edit Value list dialogue.

Job Settings

If you choose to number your Jobs with a prefix (eg. HAR123), enter a unique character prefix in this field.

Set the company rate tier from the drop down menu that appears when you click on the Rate Tier field. This value assigns the appropriate Rate Tier for this company from details already filled in on the Rates Window. The Tax field identifies the tax rate used by the company. Briefcase allows multiple tax rates, which may vary from state to state or internationally. Tax rates can be defined in the Briefcase Settings Window.

You can also specify trading terms for each company by selecting one of the options in the Terms drop down menu. By default, Briefcase will use the terms defined under the Terms section in the Briefcase Settings Window.


When entering a business address, Briefcase will automatically fill out the postal address to be the same. If this is not the case – for instance, where the company uses a P.O. Box – you can manually enter the postal address in this field. Click the Flick Through icon to switch between the business address and the postal address.

Company Lines

This section allows you to record contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. As you will be entering contact details for individuals in the Contacts section, you may want to only record a generic phone number here, for example - reception instead of a direct line.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab allows you to enter details of contacts from the company.

Enter data for each contact (such as Title, Name, Surname, Job Title, Phone, Mobile, and Email) by clicking the fields under each of these column headings.

Information viewed here will also appear in the People Window.

To view more information about a particular contact, click the view button on the same line RHS. This action will take you directly to the Contacts Window.

Website Tab

The Website Tab allows you to store details of the company’s website, account details and passwords for hosting and FTP etc.

Location Map Tab

The Location Map Tab shows you the location of the company through Google Maps, based on information entered in the address field. 

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