Creating Layouts (Briefcase 5.2.4 and older)

Creating layouts is NOT available on the Briefcase Starter Editions. This video is recommended for Briefcase users on versions 5.2.4 or older of Briefcase. For newer versions please review the following creating layouts article.

This video tutorial will show you how you can create a new layout from an existing layout ready for editing. See the tutorial for Editing Layouts for instructions on how to customise your layouts.


  1. Navigate to the section of Briefcase where you want the layout to appear, for example Estimates
  2. Click Print and select the layout you wish to edit or use as the basis for a new layout from the pull down menu




  1. Click print again to preview the layout
  2. Switch to Layout mode from the top menu bar, choose View > Layout mode.




  1. Rather than making changes to the original Layouts supplied with Briefcase we recommend working with a copy.
    To create a copy of the layout. Select Layouts > Duplicate layout. This will create a duplicate layout called in this case, Estimates Copy.
  2. Make changes to the layout as required following the instructions on Layouts and Editing Tools section below.
  3. Before you can use the layout in Briefcase you must create a 'Script' to target the layout.




  1. Select from the top menu,  Scripts > Manage Scripts The Manage Scripts dialog will open.


  1. Duplicate the original script by selecting the script name and clicking Duplicate duplicate_opt.png . The name of the original script is the same name used in the print pull down menu prefixed with the section name in square brackets.
    For example the Estimate option in the print pull down is called [Estimates] Estimate in the Manage Scripts dialog.

Helpful Hint: Creating layout scripts from scratch requires some knowledge of how scripts in Briefcase work. It is much easier to duplicate an existing layout and script and make changes as you need them.


  1. To target our new layout click the script step 'Go to Layout' and select the new layout using the Specify: menu in the the bottom right corner of the script editing dialog.
  2. Close the dialogue to save the changes.
  3. The new layout can now be used by clicking Print and selecting the layout from the pull-down menu.


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