The Estimates Window

List View

List View displays a list of your current found Estimates. By default, List View shows a filtered list of ALL Estimate records. (This setting can be changed at any time in the Settings Window).


Sorting the Estimates List

To sort the Estimates List, click the appropriate blue column header. You can sort by Estimate number, client, Job number, date of entry or Estimate status.

Filtering the Estimates List

Click the Filter menu filter_thisYear.tif to filter the Estimates List. Only records of the type you select will be displayed.

Finding an Estimate record

The Find function makes it easy to search for an Estimate in a database that may contain hundreds of entries.

To find a particular Estimate record, click the Find button find.tif .

Key a search term into a blank field and press Enter.
A list of matching records will be displayed.




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