Printing an Estimate

To print an Estimate, from the Estimate record, click the Print button located in the top right corner of the screen.

This will bring up the print dialog. Select the required print layout from the drop down menu. You may select from the following:

  • Estimate - detailed estimate layout with terms and conditions page. Supports one estimate per page for batch documents.
  • Estimate List - Estimate details with totals, sorted dynamically. Includes all selected records.
  • Proposal - Estimate detail by line item with terms and conditions page. Supports multiple estimates and/or jobs in one document.
  • Proposal Summary - Detail only the scope and footnotes, with terms and conditions. Supports multiple estimates and/or jobs in one document.
For information on editing and creating new estimate templates, see the note below.

Clicking Print will bring up a preview window with the chosen layout displayed. You can select to print or email the PDF using the icons in the top toolbar, or you may save the PDF using the File menu.


Note - Layout templates can be edited, and new layout templates can be built. For information on creating layouts, see our video tutorial. For information on editing layouts, see the Editing Layouts article. Furthermore, our developers can create or edit layouts for you. See the Requesting a Report or Template article. N.B. Layout editing is NOT available on the Briefcase Starter Edition.

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