Scheduling is a simple method of assigning work to a Team Member. Scheduled blocks appear on the user dashboard to help Team Members organise and log their time.

With Briefcase you can schedule Jobs and Tasks. This means you can schedule an entire Job or the individual components of a Job, which are Tasks.

Navigate to the Scheduling window.

To schedule any active Job, click and drag a block of time to the Team Members timeline.

The default block of time for a Job is 15 minutes, this can be adjusted by dragging the block handle.

To schedule a Task switch the view to Planned Tasks, click and drag a block of time to the Team Members timeline.

The default block of time for a Task is the Allocated time with a maximum of one day. If the Task requires scheduling over multiple days you can adjust by dragging the block handle, or by adding the Task to the timeline multiple times.

The progress bar helps you monitor how much of the Allocated time has been scheduled.

Clicking a schedule block displays basic details about the Task, this is useful when the block is too small to see what the Task is for. If the Task has an End date a red or green line will indicate the deadline.

To remove a schedule from the timeline, select the block and press the delete key, you can also drag the block off the timeline.

The size of the timeline can be adjusted by using the view slider and by setting the range. You can navigate along the timeline using the forward and backward controls or by scrolling horizontally.

In the Options dialog you can define which Team Members appear in Scheduling. You can also set the work hours visible on the timeline. This may differ from the Team Members work hours, a grey area on the timeline indicates time outside the Team Members work hours.

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