One of the most important aspects of running a business is managing workload. When managed well projects are delivered on time, productivity goes up and you're making more money.

Let's take a look at how Briefcase helps you do this.

Navigate to the Planning tab in a Job. In this view we can see planning entries for both Milestones and Tasks.

A Milestone entry indicates the planned completion of a deliverable.

A Task entry indicates the planned work to be undertaken within a defined period of time. Team members can use Tasks to obtain instructions and log time.


Creating a Milestone is simple. Click New Milestone from the Planning Tab.

Give the Milestone a Title.

Next define the Owner - this is the person responsible for the Milestone being met.

Enter a Due Date, and if required, add additional details.

Click Done to Finish.


To create a Task click New Task from the Planning Tab.

Give the Task a Title. The Title is a short description of the task. Additional information can be recorded below under Details and Instructions.

Next define the Owner - this is the person responsible for completing the Task.

Start and End dates are optional, however providing an End date gives the Owner a deadline to work towards.

Along the bottom of the Planning dialog select a Rate. The Rate is used to measure the total time and value for the Task.

To set the time available to complete the Task, enter an Allocation.

The final two fields in the Planning dialog display current totals from Scheduling and Time. This is the total time that has been scheduled, and the total time that has been logged. See our support articles for more information about Scheduling and Time.

Click Done to Finish.

Tasks and Milestones appear on user Dashboard so Team Members know exactly what they have on. They also appear on a number of reports to help you manage the job and meet deadlines.

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