Working with the Dashboard

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The first thing users will see after login is the user Dashboard.

The Dashboard is designed to give users a snapshot of upcoming and current work. It is also the primary point for entering Time sheets.

The left pane has two views you can select from: Active Jobs or Planned Work.

Active Jobs displays Jobs organised by client. This format is useful for finding a Job that does not necessarily have a time frame for completion.

If you are working to planed completion dates you may prefer the Planned Work view instead.

Click the view switch to change between the two views.

Planned Work includes Jobs, Milestones and Tasks. These are organised by Start and/or Due date.

To view detail, click the item in the list.

The right pane displays instructions to complete the Task and a history of previous Time entries which you can edit.

Click the Update button to update a Job or Task.

The Job Action menu is used to specify the next step for the Job. Users can make use of this to let the Job Manager know where the job is at, or what action should be taken. This selection is visible on progress reports.

Notes can be recorded too, these appear in the Job Activity window.

To notify the Job Manager of an update via email, check Notify.

To finish the Update, select Completed if the Task is complete or Update if it is still in progress.

Recording time using the Dashboard is quick and easy. Just click the Clock button to add a manual entry or the Record button to start a timer.

You can use multiple timers simultaneously, pause and resume as needed. Timers will continue to run even if you quit out of Briefcase.

The Dashboard includes a personal Calendar to help users manage their work and meet deadlines.

Briefcase calendars work with Google feeds too, so you can add calendars directly to your Dashboard.

To do this get the Google feed URL from your Google calendar account.

Once you have the URL, click User Options on the Dashboard.

Paste a feed URL in to any of the three feed inputs. It's important to ensure you have the correct timezone selected in your user options too, this will ensure the times that appear are in the correct timezone.

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