Completing Scheduled Tasks and Current Jobs

If you are using a Briefcase version prior to 5.5, please skip down to the section Using Update as the first method will not be available.

To complete a scheduled task, planned task or current job, select the target task or job from the list on the left hand side of the Dashboard. Alternatively, you may locate the target task or job from the Calendar view on the Dashboard. Clicking the item in the Calendar will then scroll the left-hand side list of jobs and tasks, selecting the target item. Now, click the tick icon to mark the item as complete.

If the item marked as complete is a planned task a dialog will be shown. Enter any required details in the dialog and press Done. This dialog will also appear if the item marked as complete is a scheduled task and marks the completion of all allocated work for that task, i.e. if you still have time scheduled for that same task on another day (or in another block), the dialog box will not appear.

Using Update

Alternatively, after having selected an item either from the Dashboard list on the left hand side, or from the calendar, you may click the Update button in the top right of the screen. If you wish to mark the item as complete ensure 'Complete' is coloured green. Enter any required details, and press done.

Items marked as complete will be removed from your current list.

Reinstating Items Marked as Completed

Completed items cannot be reinstated from the Dashboard. They need to be un-ticked as completed from the planning tab in the job record.

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