Parent Jobs

Parent jobs are suited for retainers and campaign work. Typically a parent job contains multiple child jobs, the parent job summarises the data from these jobs and is often used to create an invoice encompassing child jobs.


To create a parent job begin by making a new job then click the Parent button on the scope tab.



From the dialog select Parent.



Parent jobs have an additional tab called Jobs beside the Scope tab. Here we can Add child jobs.



Child jobs share the same job number as the parent with a suffix of A, B, C and so on. The child job link to its parent can be seen beside the Parent button.



The most common use for a parent job is to bill child jobs under one invoice. This can be done by creating a new invoice in the parent job, from the Invoices tab click New Invoice.



Invoices that belong to parent jobs have a Select Menu to display child jobs. Here you can select any child job and invoice from Estimates, Purchases or Time and Expenses.



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