Integrate your job with Dropbox


Using the Scope Link allows you to connect your job with any materials that are relevant to the job in question. One of the most common questions we receive in the office is how best to integrate Dropbox with Briefcase.

There are many ways in which this can be achieved but the easiest way is to do as follows:

Dropbox Setup

For many companies, Dropbox will already be established and set in a particular way. If you are yet to integrate Dropbox, there is a specific way to setup Dropbox Shared folders which will allow for the most seamless linking.

You will generally create a Shared Folder for your company, or alternatively for the relevant Department. In this tutorial, I'll be using one that is set up for a Company. A shared folder allows you to start off by selecting which Dropbox users will have access to the folders within, Don't worry however as you can add or remove users as you need.

Once you've set that up, the standard convention is to have a folder for each client, within this folder create another called 'Jobs'. Within the Jobs folder you can create folders for each current open Job and for consistency you can name them the same as the Job that you've created in Briefcase.

You will end up with a path as follows: Dropbox > Our Company > Client Name > Jobs > Job001 Job Name

Once you've done that you can then open up Dropbox in your browser and navigate to the folder relevant to the job - Once you have done this, Ensure you copy the URL on the browser as you will need to add this back to Briefcase. As an example, your link would look as follows:

Implementation in Briefcase

Screen_Shot_2014-07-14_at_1.59.56_pm.pngOpen up the Job for which the Dropbox URL has been created (This is why it's handy to name it the same at the Job). Once this is done ensure the Scope tab has been selected. Towards the bottom of the window (And depicted on the screen capture on the right) you will see that there is a blue Open button. In the field on the right of this, paste the URL that you copied previously from Dropbox.

Once you are complete, Click on the Blue Open button to ensure the link back to the dropbox online interface has worked correctly.

We do not recommend linking directly to the dropbox folder on your harddrive as your staff members may not have the same setup as yourself. This is the case in particular if you are running an office with both Mac & Windows machines.

If this is the case, we recommend setting up a folder on your server and using the blue Open folder and linking directly to that folder.

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