Setup For Cloud Service


Initial setup guide for Briefcase Cloud Service. Please note this setup should be completed before other users login.

Note: In the current version of Briefcase, the Database Setup is automated; you are not required to enter in paths to your data files etc. as described in the video.

In this video you will learn how to complete Setup.

The first time you launch Briefcase you will be presented with the Setup screen.

Complete Setup before other users login.

Enter your country and time/zone. You can type ahead to shorten the list of options.

Next confirm that you have read and agree to the Software License Agreement.

Enter your license key it is located in the My Account area on our website. It is also included in your order confirmation email.

Now that you have identified your copy of Briefcase you can connect to your data in the cloud.

Copy the Data Path to the clipboard.

Click the Briefcase button and edit the first Datasource named Data. Replace the existing path with the clipboard contents by pasting. Then click OK.

If the Datasource is available the button will turn green.

Follow these steps again for the next two buttons and click Continue.

Personalise your license by entering your company details then click continue,

Select the default currency and tax rates used by Briefcase

Job numbers in Briefcase are auto generated. You can choose to number jobs incrementally by job or by client. Numbering by client means that each company has its own set of numbers. This setting can be changed any time after setup.

Next enter your account details to create the administrator account. The account name must be unique for each user that you create in Briefcase.

Complete setup by clicking finish.

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