Moving FileMaker Server

The following steps will guide you through the process of moving FileMaker Server to new server hardware.

1. Close original database

Before you can install Briefcase on a new server you will need to get the files off the old server. To do that you must first close the database as seen in this video (ignore the upload instructions)
Once closed you can find the database at this location Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases put them on a USB and transfer to the new server for use in step 3.

2. Uninstall FileMaker Server

Use the original installer to do this. If you do not do this and restart the server you will get a license key conflict.

3. Install FileMaker Server

Use the installer to install FileMaker Server on the new hardware. This video also shows how you can upload files to the server, use the file from the old database to do this. The file names are different in version 5 but the process is the same.

4. Connect

When everything is moved across you will need to update you shortcuts to include the IP address of the new server.

5. Remote Access

To ensure you can still access the server remotely make sure you ports 5003 and 16000-16002 are open and the target address is the IP address of the new hardware.

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