FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console

The FileMaker Server Admin Console / Admin Server is responsible for the management and monitoring of the configuration and process of the FileMaker Server database management system (DBS).

Previous versions of FileMaker Server used a Java based Admin Console to administer deployments of FileMaker Server.  The current FileMaker Server Admin Console is a web-based application that can be run from any of these compatible web browsers:

  • Chrome 27.x
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6.x

To administer FileMaker Server, you can use Admin Console on the computer where FileMaker Server is running or on any computer that has network access to the master machine running FileMaker Server.  To secure remote administration, Admin Console uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt HTTPS connections from other computers.


You administer FileMaker Server by choosing options on the menu and Navigation pane.  The results are shown in the Details pane, where you can select tasks, specify configuration settings, or monitor activity.

When administering FileMaker Server, you can:

  • Configure FileMaker Server application properties
  • Open - or host - a FileMaker Pro database file, making it available to clients on your network
  • View information about the files being hosted, like the number of clients accessing each database
  • View database statistics in a table or graph
  • Send messages to connected clients
  • Close a hosted FileMaker Pro database, making it unavailable to clients
  • Download a hosted FileMaker Pro database to your local system
  • Disconnect a selected client from all hosted databases
  • Pause or resume hosted databases
  • Create scheduled tasks to back up, verify, and clone hosted databases
  • Start or stop the Database Server
  • Delegate database administration tasks to group administrators.  Use a group start page to list the databases used by an administrator group.
  • Start or stop the Web Publishing Engine
  • Configure settings for FileMaker WebDirect
  • Configure Custom Web Publishing settings for XML or PHP

The FileMaker Server Admin Console is no longer used to upload files to FileMaker Server.  To upload a file to FileMaker Server, use FileMaker Pro OR manually upload database files to the server.

Starting the FileMaker Server Admin Console

You can start Admin Console on a Windows or Mac OS computer that has network access to the master machine running FileMaker Server.

The FileMaker Server Admin Console can be started several different ways. including:

  • By using the link or shortcut placed on your Desktop (Mac OS) or Start (Windows) after deployment
  • In a web browser using https://[hostIPAddress]:16000 from any machine that has network access to the machine running FileMaker Server
  • In a web browser using https://[hostIPAddress]:16001 from the same machine where FileMaker Server is running / installed

For more information about FileMaker Server and using the Admin Console, see the FileMaker Server Getting Started Guide.

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