FileMaker Server 13 Install


Basic installation guide of FileMaker Server for Briefcase users. This install is not required for all implementations of Briefcase. Please read the FileMaker Server documentation for additional installation notes and correct usage of the software.

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FileMaker Server will host your data so users can access Briefcase on the network.

You can download FileMaker Server from the resources tab in the my account area on our website.

This installation must be done on your server, not a workstation. A centralised server is generally configured with the correct settings such as a static IP address.

After downloading unzip the FileMaker Server folder.

Launch the installer and follow the prompts to continue.

When finished the installer will launch the deployment assistant in your web browser.

The first step in the deployment assistant requires you to choose a user name and password to login and administer the server. It is important that you do not forget this login.

The second step only requires one field, the server name is used to identify the host you can name it anything you like.

Next select the technologies used by the server. If you are hosting php websites on this computer you may choose to disable web publishing. If enabled the deployment assistant will install its own supported version of php which may not be compatible with the one your sites require.

In most cases you can leave all the settings as they are and click next.

In step four leave the deployment type as single machine and click next.

click next on the summary and then click finish.

You will be redirected to the admin console this where you manage the server, we’ll revisit this area in other video tutorials so take note of the url used to access this page.

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