Briefcase v4 - Dialog Select Error


When selecting a client from the Company select dialog a new job is created for another Company, this is caused by blank Company titles in the Company screen or in some cases by Company titles containing a return. This problem also occurs when Job titles are left blank or contain returns in the Job select dialog. The example below demonstrates the problem.

In the Jobs screen click New and select a Company from the list, in this example we are selecting Hillross Financial.



A new Job is created for another Company, in the example Kocho Day Spa




The correct the problem first check to see if there are any blank company titles in the company screen. Go to the company list and click Find.


While in Find Mode type the equal sign (=) without the brackets in to the company field and hit return. This will search for any empty values.


If any empty values are found delete them and then see if the issue has been resolved by creating a new job.

Another cause may be invalid text entered in to the company title. In the example below we can see the company name actually contains two lines. A return has been added to the end of the company name. It can be difficult to find this type of input, a good way to start is to look at companies that have recently been added that may have caused the issue.

Briefcase does not allow returns to be keyed in to the company title but copying and pasting from other applications may override this. For this reason it is important to check when pasting a company title that you have only copied one line.


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