Connecting over WiFi

For best performance, Briefcase should be accessed over an Ethernet connection. Whilst Briefcase may be accessed over a WiFi connection, performance may be degraded. WiFi connections may permit relatively fast web-browsing, however web-based applications are more demanding in their requirements. Briefcase stores your data in a database, which requires a continuous connection and which may, at any one time, be accessed by multiple users. A number of factors inherent to WiFi technology may deteriorate the performance of such connections.

WiFi usually operates on a single channel. If multiple users are connected on this same WiFi channel, the total bandwidth must be shared between these users. Furthermore, WiFi cannot send and receive data simultaneously. This introduces a delay as, in order to receive data, a WiFi connection must stop the sending of data. Additionally, WiFi connections are subject to signal interference and congestion from nearby wireless networks and other electronic devices; this may further degrade network performance. Physical interference, for example walls interposed between the computer and router, and distance between router and receiver, may also effect performance.

Network configuration is complex and requires proper planning and management. Incorrect settings may further degrade performance, introduce security vulnerabilities, or prevent connection for some or all users. Also, optimised configuration cannot overcome WiFi’s limitations. If a WiFi connection is required, we recommend you contact your network administrator in order to optimise your network. If you are unable to resolve these issues and attain a satisfactory performance over WiFi, please contact Briefcase Support.

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