Xero Invoice Export Errors

Normally, Briefcase and Xero work together without a problem. On rare occasions, however, errors may occur when exporting invoices to Xero.

If an export error occurs, a dialog box will be shown similar to the following:


The dialog box’s full message will be hidden. In order to view the necessary details of the message, you will need to resize the dialog window by dragging its edges out. Within the details there will be one or more <ValidationError> tags, each with an enclosed <Message> tag detailing the nature of the error/s.


For example, the above dialog box shows two errors:

i) “Invoice not of valid status for modification”
ii) “This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it.”

Note the error message/s and the invoice ID of the problem invoice, and then follow these guides to resolve the problem.

If you are exporting multiple invoice items and an error is occurring, you will need to isolate the problem invoice/s. If you have a large number of items, it may be helpful to export in batches by viewing the invoice list by client or date for example. You may also export invoices one record at a time to isolate the problem invoice/s. To do so, select the desired record using the record navigation arrows towards the top of the Invoices Record List. Next, click ‘Connect to Xero’ and ensure the ‘Current Record’ radio button is selected. Problem invoice/s will show an error dialog as above.


Note, a black bar will appear beside the selected record as shown in the screenshot above.

Common Error Messages

Error: PostDataInvalidException - Input String was not in a correct format

This error is usually a result of invoice line items having empty fields in Briefcase, in particular an empty quantity or invoice rate.


Whilst Briefcase itself does not require these fields to be completed, Xero does, using them to calculate totals. Commonly, these fields will be blank when a line is being used as a heading, but they may be empty for other reasons. To resolve this problem, enter data for both fields. If you are using the line as a heading, enter a ‘1’ for Quantity, and a ‘0’ for unit sell, otherwise enter the missing amounts.


Error: Invoice not of valid status for modification

This error is caused when an invoice being exported has already been exported to Xero, and is marked as void, paid or part paid, or has another unmodifiable status. To resolve this issue, locate the invoice in Xero and manually update the invoice on Xero.

Error: This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it

This error message will occur when you are attempting to export an invoice that has already been exported to Xero, and is marked as paid or paid in part within Xero. Xero will not allow invoices that have been marked as paid or part paid to be updated or amended. 

To resolve this problem, first confirm that the invoice is in Xero. Now, in Briefcase remove the conflicting invoice from the export, and change its status to exported to reflect its status within Xero. 

Error: The Total for this document must be greater than or equal to zero.

This error is the result of an invoice total calculating to zero or less. Xero requires a positive value for totals. To resolve this issue, the invoice must include items resolving to a positive value. Credit notes may be entered into Xero directly.

Error: The description field is mandatory for each line item.

This error is the result of an invoice line item having an empty description. Xero requires the description to be filled.


To resolve this problem, ensure all line items for an invoice have filled descriptions.
Note, description fields are automatically populated when a line item is created as set out in the Rates Matrix. However, they can also be edited manually per line item.


If you continue to have problems with exporting invoices to Xero, or encounter errors other than those above, please contact Briefcase support.

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