FileMaker quits unexpectedly

If you are running Abode’s Creative Cloud and have Typekit Fonts synced, this may cause FileMaker to quit unexpectedly, giving the following error:


To resolve this issue, Typekit Fonts synchronisation needs to be disabled before launching FileMaker.

  1. Open the Creative Cloud application. Check that Typekit Fonts are being synced by going to Assets, and then Fonts. If you have Typekit fonts synced, the screen will appear similar to  the following


  2. To turn off syncing, click on the Preferences icon on the top right hand corner, and go to Preferences.


  3. Go to the ‘Creative Cloud’ preferences, and select Fonts from the resulting menu.


  4. Turn Typekit off.
  5. If you now return to the preferences for Fonts, the screen should appear as below



You may now run Briefcase. Typekit Font syncing only needs to be disabled when FileMaker is first launched. Once you have disabled sync, and launched FileMaker, you may turn sync back on.


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