Start a Meeting

Before starting a meeting please contact a support agent to schedule a mutually convenient time.

To commence the meeting you will need to download is a free and simple screen-sharing solution that we use at Briefcase. To begin, click the download button below.


Windows Users
Once the installer has downloaded, open it and follow the prompts to install.

Mac Users
Once you have downloaded the zip file, open it to run the extractor. Run the application that has been extracted.

First Use

When you first launch the application, you will be shown the presenter’s toolbar as below:



In order to start sharing your screen, click on the share screen icon.



Once a connection has been established, the toolbar will display ‘Your screen is being shared.' 



You will now need to share your screen with us. Click the URL link in the presenter toolbar and select “Copy meeting link,” which will copy the link to your clipboard. Finally, send the link by email to



Once one of our support staff receives the link, they will provide any further instructions.

Second Use

If you have used before, and you are not already logged in to, you will be required to register. This only takes a minute, and once done you will be able to share your screen using the instructions under ‘First Use.’


After Second Use

If you have already registered and are logged in, or have used more than twice, you will be presented with the following screen. Select ‘one-time code’ and click the orange start button. Now you can follow the instructions above for ‘first use.’


Joining a Meeting

If you need to join a meeting, enter the multi-digit code or personal link provided by the meeting organizer in the join text field, and click the green play icon. 


Note: You may get a dialog box asking whether you would like to allow the presenter to be able to use the mouse. If this occurs, your support agent will inform you that they will be able to control the mouse on your computer in order to assist with troubleshooting or demonstration. Once the meeting has ended the support agent will no longer have access to this control.

Troubleshooting: Can't find the toolbar? If you are using more than one monitor, look for on your primary monitor. It will always start on your primary monitor, even when you launch it from a secondary monitor.

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