Briefcase Tenant v6.3.0-beta

Bug Fixes

  • removed permissions for schedule and time, if you can edit tasks you should have access to time and schedulling
  • addressed calendar init auto scroll
  • copy paste formatting removed for field inputs
  • insert purchase item line number error message fixed
  • fixed issue where all users with access to a rate appear even if they are not team members
  • task name not displaying in job detail after approving estimate fixed
  • fixed add time to calendar to require drag (not on click)
  • removed elastic scrolling (requires update to briefcase client plugins to MBS version 6.5)
  • fixed delete line items in estimates purchases and invoices which caused infinite loop
  • add redirect for client host
  • improved rate dialog with better labelling
  • fixed user rate toggle was not working
  • removed fixed price and made fixed cost always accessible
  • purchase order prints all options has been fixed
  • insert script line numbers corrected
  • purchase order delivery portal fixed
  • gantt click to add fixed
  • gantt update fixed
  • user colour was not being set on dashboard time create
  • fixed group validation message on user create
  • job title update now will update gantt header
  • mail send warning for unconfigured mail
  • auto adding team members option
  • trial setup now updates record dates and keeps sample users
  • version identification
  • tax not displaying in purchase (no default)
  • fixed calendar event not rendering on task second click when out of range
  • notice for html mail and plain text option in my account
  • gantt task sort order with reorder introduced

Import Compatibility

  • Version 6.2.0
  • Version 6.1.0
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