Briefcase Tenant v6.5.0-beta

Bug Fixes

  • Faster time summary chart with denormalised estimate and invoice time
  • Invoice calculation now stores subtotals
  • MBS plugin running on server for PSoS
  • Confirm input for job delete
  • Enhanced comment and complete button with reopen
  • Fixed comment and complete button on dashboard to correctly send
  • Remove user rate name global
  • Add delete titles to delete buttons in all action menus
  • Add html email feature for notifications
  • Moved system emails to server scripts with PSoS
  • Removed ses address from aliases
  • Fixed default job brief not loading
  • Fixed old global utilisation values on login
  • User option for Job Notifications
  • User option for Task Notifications
  • Default options for print templates
  • Add option to notify on job actions
  • Add option to notify on job status
  • Add option to notify on job activity (manual only)
  • Add option to notify on task comments
  • Add option to notify on task completion
  • Fixed missing company detail references
  • Fixed missing fields on company detail layouts
  • Fixed specifications from purchase not carrying over from template
  • Removed references to job summary insert on time dialog close
  • Rates list has been fixed to match other layouts
  • Fixed allocation input parsing incorrectly
  • Job status email had status text twice has been fixed
  • Fixed comment buttons not updating after comment
  • Removes all accounting app prefs and selects xero as the default for new trials
  • Rates preview prints in portrait added the type sub summary also
  • Fixed email signature not apply when plain text
  • Fixed line endings for mail clients
  • Contact labels adjusted to match avery labels for companies
  • Tidy print scripts
  • Show weekends based on resources preferences
  • Added entry in comments for complete and reopen

Import Compatibility

  • Version 6.4.0
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