Editing users in Briefcase

In order to edit an existing one within Briefcase you'll need to navigate to the 'Users' tab under 'Settings' in Briefcase. You can edit an existing user by selecting their profile on the left panel.

Full Name Enter in the users full name
Position Enter in the position/role of the user
Primary Team Select the team that this user will be most involved with. This will be the default team used should the user create a job in Briefcase.
Username The users email address. This field is non-modifiable. Should you need to change the username please contact our support team.
Group The access privilege group to which the user belongs. This field is non-modifiable. Should you need to change the group please contact our support team.
Cost Rate You can enter in the cost rate per hour for this user. Please note: We do not recommend you enter in a cost rate for your employees, this feature is really intended for use for contract/freelance workers. Entering in a cost rate for employees will increase the inaccuracy of cost data as factors such as salary, superannuation etc are not factored in.
User Rates In the user rates panel you'll see a list of the rates matrix rates. Selecting the checkbox will enable the user to have access to this rate when creating tasks or adding time into Briefcase. These rates will be used to determine which users are automatically allocated when creating tasks.
Work Hours Enter in the work hours for staff members in 24 hour time (i.e. 13:30). These hours define the utilisation and capacity of staff members so please ensure these are entered in correctly.
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