Navigating and using the Dashboard

Upon logging into Briefcase you'll be presented with your current tasks. Any task where you are listed as a resource with a start or due date that falls within the current week will be listed here, any overdue tasks will appear in this view also. You can also navigate to the future tab to see tasks with a start date past the current week.

Using the search feature you are able to type in any keywords from the job number, title or task title – This will filter the list being shown.

Time committed displays the number of hours that have been logged in the period selected. Briefcase also shows you the scheduled capacity of the resource logged in, or you can also click on the graph to view the resources utilisation.

Above the calendar you'll be able to change the view to daily, weekly or monthly. You can also cycle through the dates displayed using the left and right icons.

Now let's jump back to the tasks panel. The first item that appears above the tasks is the job itself. You’ll see that this contains the Job number, title and also the client's name. Jobs will always appear in bold above the tasks allocated to the user. Clicking on a job will highlight all related time on the calendar. Selecting the calendar icon will navigate you to the start day of the job, you can press the Today button to jump straight back to the current period. Double clicking the job will display a summary of information for the job, providing you with quick access links back to the job, client and even the job folder.

The next item on the list is the task. The start and due date will appear, and the scheduled or committed time on the task is also shown. The progress indicator shows you how much time has been committed, red indicating you’ve gone over the allocated time. The lighter blue colour is an indicator that time has been scheduled but not yet committed.

Double clicking the task will provide you with the detail view. Any instructions and comments related to the task will appear here, you can also add comments and mark the task off as completed from this view.

Pressing the time icon will show you any related time entries that have been committed or scheduled for this task.

Selecting the action menu will allow you to re-assign the task to another user or alternatively delete the task.

Selecting an item on the calendar will allow you to add time to the task, which we’ll be covering in a separate video, the middle icon will bring up the detail view for that task and the delete icon will delete the block of time selected.

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