Adding time via the Dashboard

In this video, we’ll be covering adding time using the Dashboard.

The calendar on the dashboard shows you all time entries that have been previously committed or scheduled for the period being viewed. 

To add a new time entry against a task, search for the task that you will need to add time against. Once you’ve selected the task, navigate to the calendar and click and drag your time entry into place.

As you are adding in your time, Briefcase will indicate how much allocated time you have remaining for the task.

Once you have added in your time, the time dialog will pop-up on screen. This will allow you to leave a description, review the time entry and check as to whether the time committed was billable or non-billable.

You can also add time against scheduled tasks in your calendar. Adjust how long you’ve spent on the task, and then press the Time icon to finalise your time entry.

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