Briefcase Tenant v6.6.0-beta

Bug Fixes

  • Removed scroll elasticity on OS X
  • Developer password input for new users
  • Default kind for new jobs
  • Delete dialog in job view requires confirm input fixed
  • Delete time portal in job view changed to portal_time instead of portal_schedule
  • Register plugin on developer login and prepare window
  • Add complete jobs to current jobs status
  • Fixed type delay on login
  • Fixed spelling mistake in duration on my account
  • Fixed delete time not deleting time detail in schedule and dashboard
  • Fixed issue in find mode where white text in status can not be seen
  • Removed trial limit from contact view
  • Traverse task script changed to exit current load resource script
  • Tab order removed for comments
  • Removed tab and enter exit keys for instructions
  • Removed set rate type in create rate script
  • Fixed estimate and invoice qty not updating in time summary on delete
  • Moved estimate and invoice time totals to respective tables
  • Status changes not permitted if unmodified or where line items should exist
  • Add log event if required when estimate and purchase lines are approved via the tick
  • Fixed user password change not storing hash
  • Disabled go for it on motivator if no checkboxes selected
  • Remove tab orders in task view to avoid field highlight
  • Allow tab and enter in task view instructions
  • Update select range function in js
  • Improved range highlighting behaviour
  • Added script triggers to allocation and date range to keep schedule helper up to date
  • Auto update job number, title and due date across related tables
  • Moved job due date to plan table
  • Maintain gantt pos after task edit
  • Always set range highlight on all calendars
  • Tidy of calendar init scripts
  • Force plan header to commit on new create tasks script
  • Fixed MYOB export not including
  • Add password encrypt to setup script
  • Formatting options for rates view
  • Restrict detail tables if record is locked
  • Add clear option for line item options
  • Fixed no access error with locked records on window close
  • Fixed lock error on successful export

Import Compatibility

  • Version 6.5.0
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