Creating / Editing Groups in Briefcase

Groups allow you to define what access privileges members within that group have in Briefcase.

As such it is imperative to ensure that each group is setup carefully and that Users are updated to the correct groups when changes are made.

Group Name Enter in a name for the group, this will be the name of the group visible when adding/editing a group of an existing user in Briefcase
Allow users to lock and unlock records This will allow users to lock/unlock records
Allow users to view financial data This access will allow users to see any financial data, either in a list or detail view
Allow reporting access This access will give users the ability to access the Reports tab and run reports
Allow layout editing This access will allow editing of layouts and templates within Briefcase
Allow web browser access This access will allow web browser access to Briefcase (This is a feature that is yet to be released)

Group Access

View This access level allows users to access specific areas of the system (Ie. Jobs). Please note that although View access may not be enabled for a related area (ie. Jobs) items relating to these may still be visible in lists.
Edit This access level if selected allows for modification to fields within the relevant area. Please note that if an item is locked any modification will result in an error.
Delete This will allow users to delete items within the relevant area (ie. Jobs, Purchase etc)
Print This access level allows the print icon and any templates to be printed for the related area.
Export This access level allows for items to be exported in the related area.
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