Integrating with MYOB

Getting Setup

In order to begin exporting to MYOB you'll need to navigate to the 'Accounting' tab 'Settings' in Briefcase. Select the relevant MYOB product in the drop down. If your MYOB product is not available in the list or you are unsure which product to choose, please contact our support team with your current MYOB version and product handy.

Account Codes

Under the 'Rates' tab in Briefcase you'll need to ensure your Rates are using the correct Income & Expense account codes as found in your MYOB Accounts List. To access the Accounts List within myob select the 'Accounts' tab and select the 'Accounts List' button. You can also setup the default Income & Expense account codes under the Accounting tab in Briefcase.

Tax Codes

Tax codes in MYOB must match the Sales & Purchases Codes in Briefcase. This setting can be found in the Settings tab of the main navigation, then under the Accounting tab. Ensure that the any relevant tax codes are entered into Briefcase matching the same tax code as MYOB.

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