Creating and editing tasks in Briefcase

You create tasks in Briefcase in a variety of ways.

From an estimate

When approving an Estimate, Briefcase will prompt you to create tasks based on the line items within your estimate. Briefcase can even auto assign resources if you have set your resources to only have access to specific rates.

If an estimate is already approved, you can select the 'create tasks' option within the action menu to add tasks to your job.

Creating/Editing manual tasks

You can create tasks manually by navigating to a job and selecting the 'Tasks' tab towards the middle of the Briefcase window. When creating a task you can choose whether it is an internal task or an external task.

Internal Tasks

Internal tasks are intended to be used by your resources. These are tasks that your users will be able allocate time to via their dashboard, and internal tasks are able to be scheduled against resources.

When creating a task, the Internal Task checkbox will be selected by default. For tasks that you want to use as milestones or don't need to track time against, refer to the 'External Tasks' area below.

Title Enter in the title for the internal task
Start/End Date Enter in the start/end or alternatively the end date for the internal task. Note that this information will be used to display the task on the resources dashboard.
Rate Select the relevant rate from the Rates Matrix that will be used for this task.
Allocated Enter in the time allocated for this task. Note: Allocating time in decimal format will automatically convert to time I.e. 2.5 will convert to 2:30
Resource You can select the resource needed to complete the task. You can also add in multiple resources. For more information on this please review the 'Allocating multiple resources to a task' article.
Instructions Enter in the brief for the internal task.

On the top right hand side of the task you will also see a few icons which give you access to more specified information about the task.

Comments From within the comments tab you'll be able to review any comments that have been left on the task. You'll also have the ability to leave further comments. You'll see a log of these is left and you'll also have the ability to leave comments. Comments will be emailed to the manager of the job and any resources allocated to the task.

You'll also be able to mark the task as completed from here. Note that this will hide any remaining scheduled time from the Tasks & Dashboard area.
Schedule Within the Scheduling tab you'll be able to view the main resource's calendar. You can also click on the resources name above the calendar to change the calendar being viewed.

You will be able to schedule time and view your resources availability within the calendar period selected. You can change between day, week and month view - You can also use the arrows to navigate before or after the period selected or alternatively press today to focus the period on the current day, week or month.

To learn more about scheduling for users please review the 'Scheduling' article.
Within the Task, The time tab will detail all time entries for the chosen resource. You can also click on the resources name above the time entry area to view another resources time against this task.

You can also set whether time entries against this task are billable by selecting the 'Task time is billable' checkbox.

External Tasks

External tasks are intended to be used as a form of Milestone. You are able to allocate an external resource to the task so they are a perfect way to ensure that milestones such as a supplier delivery or client deadline is recorded.

Simply uncheck the Internal Task checkbox when creating the task and you will be presented with the following options:

Title Enter in the title for the external task
Start/End Date Enter in the start/end or alternatively the end date for the external task
Resource You can type in an external resource such as a Client, Supplier, Contractor that is responsible for the task
Resource Colour You can select from a variety of colours to identify the resource responsible for this external task. These colours appear on the Gantt view of the task aswell as the 'Client Facing Plan' template.
Instructions You can detail expectations/demands that relate to this external task
Comments You can leave comments related to this task. Please note that leaving comments will email the manager of the job and any resources allocated to this task.
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