Emailing estimates from Briefcase

You can email Estimates direct to clients from within Briefcase. Before doing this you'll need to ensure you've set up the mail settings on the 'My Account' page. You can access this by pressing the profile icon next to your name and selecting My Account from the drop-down.

Please ensure that you've selected the appropriate mail client for you, and if applicable set up a signature. For mail clients that do not support HTML signatures from third party applications, you may be able to add an HTML signature direct in the mail client itself.

In order to send an estimate direct to your client within Briefcase, you will need to press the email button. Doing so will bring a pop-up which will show the following fields:


Recipient Enter in the email address for the recipient you would like to send the estimate to. Note that if your contact already has an email address it will be pre-populated for you. If you need to send this to multiple recipients you can separate email addresses using a comma.
Subject Enter in the subject line for the email
Message Enter in the message that you would like to send to the recipient. Briefcase will pre-fill information such as the estimate number and estimate title.
Document Template Briefcase will automatically attach the estimate template for you. Clicking on the field will allow you to pick from a list of related templates in a drop-down.
Display Time Selecting this checkbox will show the hours related to estimated line items. Note that regardless of the checkbox being selected, any quantities that relate to a product / supplier product will display. Note this will only apply to the estimate and proposal templates.
Subtotal Categories Selecting this option will subtotal rates based on the category entered. Note this will only apply to the estimate and proposal templates.
Include Grand Total Selecting this option will display the grand total for the template selected.

Pressing the 'Preview' button will show you an example of how the template will appear when attached, and pressing the 'Send' button will send off the email to the recipients selected. Where applicable Briefcase will change the Estimate status to 'Sent' and will also log activity of the email being sent on the job.

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