Cloud Hosting Requirements

In order to access Briefcase over the cloud, you will need to ensure your router allows access to the Briefcase server. If you will be using Briefcase in an office without stringent I.T restrictions, it is likely that you will already be able to access Briefcase.

Access to the Briefcase cloud server requires Port 5003 to be open on your router. Where security is more of a concern, your I.T team should be able to provision access to this port for specific users only. Briefcase also uses web services that require access to port 80, these are usually opened by default.

You will also need to ensure that workstations meet the minimum system requirements.

If you are unsure whether you will be able to meet these requirements, please contact your I.T team and provide them with the information listed above. Our staff would be more than happy to facilitate a discussion with your I.T team directly if required.

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